Now there are 4 of us who are going on a trip to Dubai on March 22 - if you also dream of such a trip, let me know.

As most people probably know, I work with Network Marketing. Many have pointed fingers at me and said that you will never get anything out of it.

At no time have I doubted that this was my way forward, not least after I was sent on a course in Arizona a few years ago - I was really going through a personal development or upheaval.

In the autumn I made a decision - now I have to continue in my business - Yes, what many people don't understand - isn't what you're doing a bit illegal!!
NO - it's completely legal, and really smart!!
We can have it the way we want.. no Boss who is stupid or whatever they may be, work when you want -equal pay for equal work, and recognition in places for a pilot in R...
I participated in another Challenge. In addition to being really good for my business, it's really good for them, I've helped them get one step closer to the freedom they want - then I'll be rewarded with a trip to Sweden to receive training, that the best in the world, not necessarily from our company, in addition I am going on a trip to Dubai - together with 3 others.
How often do you get such a reward in your job?
I love being in Network Marketing.
Shall I help you get started too -  Off the hamster wheel?
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