I know there is no fast road to SuCCes, other than daily habits that will take me in the direction of my dreams and goals.

I will constantly take steps that bring me closer to my goals.

I had only just been pinned as a Manager when all the managers were invited to Spain, for a course. It was supposed to take place at the end of March. Of course I had to go. There are probably not many people who let such an opportunity for a trip pass them by. I do not.. .

March 2022, we were 4 people in Dubai, that trip changed everything in my business, if nothing else, it changed my way of thinking about what you could do in this business, to what I really wanted.

Now there are 4 of us who are going on a trip to Dubai on March 22 - if you also dream of such a trip, let me know.

As most people probably know, I work with Network Marketing. Many have pointed fingers at me and said that you will never get anything out of it.

Global Rally 2019 and USA anyway.

2019 continues flying.

It has really been something that has moved!!

I started the first weekend at Pejsegården in Brædstrup for Kick Off 2019 - a course that was fun and really educational. I really took some things with me from there that I can use for something.
Several of the lectures I have recorded and listened to several times.

Wow - what a ride... I'm looking forward to experiencing the sequel.

The first 3 years with Forever have passed. It has definitely been a huge, huge journey for me... not least on a personal level.
Building a business.

.. hmm.. But what exactly is a Blog…. Well.. I only follow one Blog, it's not because there are so many posts yet, on the other hand they are funny.. I just think that I can't write the funny posts that others bother to follow.. I can do something completely different - I can be me.


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