Global Rally 2019 and USA anyway.

2019 continues flying.

GlobalRally2019 2HC and I had a week's holiday in Sweden in connection with the Global Rally (Forever's biggest annual event).

I had qualified to participate and an overnight stay as well as Scandinavian party as well as parcitipating at a course Sunday. A wildly great experience... wow... Next year it will be in Sidney, Australia. My dear husband said, first of all, that he should probably get time off to come along. I never thought he would say that, but he also thought it was exciting, even though there was quite a show too.
The Scandinavian party, where there should have been about 2,000 of us, a team from England just came and took part, so approx. 500 more. A lot of fun and the Swedes probably didn't expect people to drink when there's a party... they ran out of several things.
As fate would have it, I joined a course in the USA on a cancellation... but after I had been on a trip to Iran last summer, it was not easy to be allowed to travel to the USA. So on the way to Sweden, we stopped by the American Embassy so that I could be interviewed to get a visa to the USA and before the Global Rally 2019 was over I had my visa.
At the same time as we were traveling around Sweden, I got an SMS that I had to meet an hour before the start of the Global Rally, because there was a VIP meeting with the entire management of Forever as well as all past and future participants of Accelerate - Wow.. got a hug from Forever's President, Gregg Maughan.


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