March 2022, we were 4 people in Dubai, that trip changed everything in my business, if nothing else, it changed my way of thinking about what you could do in this business, to what I really wanted.

GitteKandKimMadsenWe got a new team member in the team, Gitte K and she saw the possibility that she could participate and win challenges. Already when she started, there was a challenge to win a diamond ring and she chose to go for it right away. She had to do 10 events, so she doggedly went for it.

She had her Sponsor Lykke with her on some of the events. It’s your sponsors job to help and support our new team members. It turned out that after 3 months in Forever, she had qualified in this challenge and she won a super nice diamond ring (picture of Gitte and ring).

It's absolutely amazing as a team leader to witness and to know that one of your team members has won a diamond ring in a challenge. However, it is a downer, that you can't join the celebrations and congratulation in person – I was in Norway at that time.

My next step in the marketing plan was Assistant Manager, but at some point someone had come to shorten this title Assistant Manager to Ass.Man.

Who on earth wants to be an Ass.Man.! I had a hard time with it I must admit - I had measured and calculated – and I've really tried to skip this title.

I had to change my thinking.



I'm not supposed to be an Ass. Man. I'm supposed to be an Assistant Manager. When I first got the print into my head it wasn't Ass.Man. I had to be, then I became Assistant Manager.

It was a bit crazy on Success Day, standing on stage to be recognized as Assistant Manager. When I got off the stage, Anne Mette said to me, "what's up Dorthe, I guess you'll go on to Manager, spend the next 2 months on that?" I looked at her, a little resigned, and said that I really would like to, but I can't really see I can do it. I had an upcoming copper wedding with HC and we had agreed that we would celebrate the anniversary in Harzen and then on our copper wedding day, we wanted to take a trip down to a copper mine. We had taken mountain bikes down there and then we just had to lie down and cycle for a week down in the Harz. It was a week I couldn't spend on the business, in addition to that within the 2 months I had booked a ferry to Bergen, because I think we should have a holiday in Norway. In Norway it was raining, it was really raining, there were actually warnings about landslides, so after 3 days in the rain in Norway, we agreed to drive to Sweden instead.

When I was sitting up in the Swedish mountains without internet, which was quite stable, I got a message from some colleagues who were at the Eagle retreat, saying that the Heat Lotion was to be discontinued.

At first, I had it like, it had to be a joke. Our very best selling product, It can't just choosing to leave out what I should see in my business and I had actually started to talk myself down a bit again.

It was a disaster for my business, but then I turned my thinking around and thought if that's how it turns out, then I just must be able to sell some Heat Lotions. But when you're sitting in Sweden on a mountain and the internet connection might not be at its very best and you finally are on holiday and going out to experience nature, then it is not exactly the phone you most want to use.

But I wrote an SMS that saying:

"Heat lotion will be disconnected, and we are not allowed to sell it from December 17th (new EU regulation).
durability to 2026
How many do you want ?
I'm hoarding now – and don’t know how long the product will be in stock
Best regards, Dorthe"


I had customers who ordered 2- 5- 10- 20-25 pieces and I really sold so many that I had to continue so we had to go home from Sweden one day before than originally planned because I had to get some Heat lotions send out to customers. I had started by ordering 50 Heat lotion home, because that 50 Heat lotion it gave exactly the amount of cc’s so I could get free shipping. Half an hour passed and I had to order 50 more back home and the next day 50 more.

Knowing that we were only home for 4 days before leaving again, but these 4 days in Denmark were now worth their weight in gold because I should have written an invoice - I should have sent Heat lotion out the doo. In one and a half days I sold a total of 180 Heat lotion just by sending an SMS around. I still can't get it into my little head that by sending text messages around can sell so much. I also had a hard time understanding everyone else not just copying what I did. We went to Northern Ireland hunting and on the 31st of October in the morning we were in London Derry – I was so close to reaching my goal, so I placed a small order and I became Manager. It's a bit of a wild experience to be standing in London Derry, a city with the tragic history it once had, and to celebrate that you have achieved a goal as a Manager - I got a call when I was inside the museum and of course I didn't take it my phone. but there were congratulations on my answering machine.

It's still kind of crazy – but I really did it


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