Phone boothWelcome to my website.

Here I will tell you a little about myself ... you can find much more in my Blog.

I started working with Forever Living Products back in October 2015, in fact, on October 22nd 2015 I was registered for VAT and the next day I signed up.

If you've seen the movie Back to the Future, that date tells you everything. It is the day that is being looked forward to, I felt that I had to somehow be able to use it for something and when I decided that Forever should be my way of life, the choice was easy.

I was completely in love with the business model, that you can build a worldwide business in your spare time - that's too crazy... I just had to do that!!!

However, nothing was as easy as I first thought - personal development was needed - wow what a trip.

If you are interested in following the same path as me, I am ready to help you, as the part of being a team leader is what I am most passionate about, how fantastic it is to see others achieve the success they dream of.

If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact me.

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