.. hmm.. But what exactly is a Blog…. Well.. I only follow one Blog, it's not because there are so many posts yet, on the other hand they are funny.. I just think that I can't write the funny posts that others bother to follow.. I can do something completely different - I can be me.

After all, I am the one who feels like jumping into all the fun things that many others only dream about.

That's why I'm now working on my Forever business, which I'm absolutely sure will one day be so big that I can make a living from it.
Under no circumstances will there be posts here every day.
I can start by giving you a little insight into my background. In '94 I chose to try jumping out of an airplane for the first time. It quickly turned into many times.. and I became an instructor. There are many people who have been trained by me - and I have sat in the plane with them on their first jump. In 2000, I went to the USA without knowing much English before I left.. It presented some real fun challenges - I guess there aren't many who have been stopped for running a red light in the USA, who have talked from a fine... in FYNSK (danish dialect).
When I was in the USA I took the training to become a tandem master. I got the title of "Denmark's first female tandem master" - at that time there were only 5 other women who were that in Europe.. So if I wanted to, I could have made a living from my sport, there were plenty of opportunities for that around the world.
I was in the sport of parachuting for 13 years, which took me to many places around the world, USA - Spain - Russia - Venezuela - I had moved to Jutland in Denmark Married HC, got a hunting license. Hunting trips and travel in general are a hit, so it has also turned into a few months in Australia and New Zealand, a couple of times in Greenland.
After a work injury which ruled me out for almost 2 years and a few other jobs in between, I returned to where I was injured and there I decided to start up Forever and wanted to work my way out of my job. I will probably succeed one day, even if it takes a little longer than I had originally hoped. But I've learned that I have to work, a lot on myself to get the necessary skills... I might spend a little longer on it than others, but I'm absolutely sure that I probably succeed, I can feel that I am really happy with what I do and there is nothing better than being able to create my own job description.

I have to be happy and smile.. Some might call me a cheering idiot.. I don't care.. It's contagious and doesn't hurt..


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