Wow - what a ride... I'm looking forward to experiencing the sequel.

The first 3 years with Forever have passed. It has definitely been a huge, huge journey for me... not least on a personal level.
Building a business.

Kick off 19Learning how to build your network.

Learning how to work with yourself.
Not least experiencing how much work is needed to achieve one's dreams.
This is what I am experiencing now.
I have to admit that when I started in 2015 and thought - I'm going to sell these goods, I can easily make a business out of this - I never dreamed that it would be so difficult for me .
But I have taken one leadership course after another. I've taken one mindset course after another - I've taken product courses. I have read a lot.
I've learned so many things that you wouldn't even dream of. It's absolutely crazy - It's wildly positive. I'm so thankful for the things that happen around me - I'm so thankful that the job I had before chose to fire me. To begin with, I was actually a bit sad and thought what now!! - No, maybe I wasn't sad, I was more confused, why?
But now that all of a sudden, I have reduced to not so many hours of work - and have more time for my hobby - My little shop - It just makes sense, why!!
Don't think even they knew that. Don't think even I knew. But how grateful I am for what has happened. If nothing else, I can at least see a huge, huge development with myself.
I would not be without this journey.


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