I had only just been pinned as a Manager when all the managers were invited to Spain, for a course. It was supposed to take place at the end of March. Of course I had to go. There are probably not many people who let such an opportunity for a trip pass them by. I do not.. .

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When we came to Spain, we attended a course Friday. We met up at Kim Madsen's house and garden - It's probably closer to a park - with a large swimming pool and a nice area, here we had a course on how to treat the negative people who just come in and really just want to talk bad about us, and about our products. How do we prevent all these negative things that Kim talked about.RonnyKvist

Then Ronnie Kvist came on as speaker. He lives down in the area, he's a nutritional supplements expert I think you can call him, he knows an awful lot about nutritional supplements, he has taken a number of courses in the USA and Ronnie spoke to Our bad conscience, by telling all of us, that we should be the best version of ourselves, and it was no use that we went around advertising a business - where you have food supplements, where you have programs to change your lifestyle - and where you have fit programs and then even go and some who do not have the best dietary habits. Not using the best skin care products and so on and so on we spent 3-4 hours on this.

In the evening, a restaurant was booked in to stand in the huge outdoor kitchen and cook for us and then there was a garden party. It was a bit crazy to get to wild luxury.LeadertrainingSpain23 4

Saturday we were picked up in a limousine and driven down to the harbor in Puerto Banus. I don't know if you've tried looking at a limousine driving by and thinking, who's in there? It's just as crazy to sit in a limousine and see children pointing and the parents standing and watching - people standing so you can see what they're thinking. We drove down to the harbor to Kim's big yacht. Where we sailed for a trip. It was mostly because a little wind had been promised every afternoon and of course we had to go out sailing. So the champagne was opened and we came out to enjoy the good weather. When we got back to the port, we went out to talk to people and see who could get the most people on board.

In the evening we attended a party on the yacht with dresscoat white. It's a bit wild to be a part of.

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It turned out, that the others went home Sunday and I didn't have to go home until Monday. So I had the honor of spending the night on this bright yacht, yes a little impressed. It was an extended weekend in the luxurious sign and it is so far from my world, it's just super cool to try I must admit, after becoming a Manager. Which is really just a title that means that you have now completed your basic education within Forever. That Pandora's box has really opened.

Already in May, I have been invited to a trip to Sweden at a nice hotel and then there is another course for us and I will do that again in June and again in September. It's a bit crazy that you get so much recognition JUST for doing well in your business.


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