It has really been something that has moved!!

I started the first weekend at Pejsegården in Brædstrup for Kick Off 2019 - a course that was fun and really educational. I really took some things with me from there that I can use for something.
Several of the lectures I have recorded and listened to several times.

Der blev udloddet en challenge, hvor vi indenfor en måned, 15/1 -15/2 skulle afholde 10 arrangementer, eller tegne folk op.

A challenge was raffled off, where we had to hold 10 events within a month, 15/1 - 15/2, or sign people up.

Right now we are writing on February 16.
Last night, I had event no. 9 and I drew up Kira. It corresponds to 10 and the accounts are at the time of writing, just sent in and I am waiting anxiously. It's been a fun period, a wild period, a heck of a period, it gave us second place - a trip to our Summer Camp
At the same time, I was nominated by Bodil Jørgensen for "ACCELERATER 2019" She herself had just attended the first course in the USA. There were 43 men worldwide, and they each had to nominate 10 - who could take part in a competition to go somewhere in the world for training in August.

Accelerater 2019I would probably say, I was really, really proud when I was nominated, really proud. I was ready to travel, wherever in the world it would be - I would have to fit that into my plans. Fate would have it that I didn't win - I'm still very proud to be one of the 10 who were nominated.

I was handed my wristband in Sweden - I was also on a weekend course there in January - it was also something I had earned by selling products in the autumn.
In addition, Forever had a Challenge where we had to sell products where we could join the Global Rally in Stockholm. It is Forever's biggest event, it changes every year where it will be - last year it was in Dallas, last year it was in Dubai and the year before in South Africa, so it changes around and this year it is in Stockholm, which has I qualified to join... Cool!


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